W h a t D o Y o u S e e?

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St. John's Cathedral - New York City
  Texas Monthly with Storm Clouds and Title:
<<New Canada 2011 $20 Dollar Coin - New U.S. Penny>>
$10 Bill and Watchtower Building and
Jonathan's Decryption of it.
Watchtower Building
Previous headquarters of the Jehovah Witnesses
New York City
$10 Bill and Watchtower Building and
Jonathan's Decryption of it.
This Is It Key sign
Jonathan saw in his kids School
Another Alien sign/confirmation Jonathan saw From Amy's Ice Cream 
  Greeting Card the Lord led Jonathan to Pick-Up and Read
The red clock pictures below were taken by Jonathan when God told him he had missed a message in Target. He went back to Target. The first thing he
saw was this red clock and noticed the it said the numerals were written in Arabic. At the SAME TIME his son, who was with him, pressed the button on another
clock near by and the clock played an immediate message that was really a warning. Click in the 3rd box below to hear the EXACT message from the SAME clock
that his son had pressed the button on. I found the same clock and the very same message on You Tube. Click below to hear the message they heard in Target.

Timex Wacky Wake Up Clock: Alarm 6

FOR YouTube Video Sound

of clock message

  Later the same day and after their visit to Target, Jonathan was led by the Holy Spirit to have his son go pick up a magazine in another room in his house. He told him to grab any magazine and open it to any page. He brought it to Jonathan and this was the page it opened to. It's a picture of muslims praying... That same day, Jonathan was also led to open a National Geographic to any page and this was the page it opened to. This happened the same day of the other Red Alert messages. The "Observe Warning Signs" message, the visit to Target (red target logo), the Red Clock (in Arabic lettering) and the urgent clock message his son had pressed on a different clock (see above audio)

New World Order Elite Underground Bunkers • Denver Airport